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A portrait photoshoot experience

I offer my clients a luxury photoshoot experience, as though I were shooting them for a magazine spread. This involves much more than just setting up lights and clicking a shutter.

Before the shoot

Before booking your photoshoot we'll set up a 20 minute phone consultation to learn more about you, what kind of photos you might be wanting, and to discuss other aspects like cost, payment and session choices. I offer three basic options - a headshot photoshoot, a personal branding session, and a fine art photo session. We'll decide which is the most appropriate for you and book a date. If you select a fine art session, we'll set up a zoom call or in person consultation where I will guide you in what outfits to bring and other ideas for your personal shoot (but read the FAQ below about wardrobe first).  

The day of your shoot

On the day of the shoot you’ll arrive with your selected wardrobe. We’ll take a moment to get to know each other a little more. We’ll hang up the clothes on a rack and take a look through them, and set you up with our makeup artist. 

During the shoot

Your custom photo session will be more relaxed than any other photoshoot experience you might have had. I want to capture you so I do everything I can to make sure you feel safe, relaxed and able to be yourself. I will guide you through the entire process, there’s really nothing you have to “do” except trust me. I guarantee we will get stunning images that you will love. 

After the shoot

After the shoot, I will hand-pick the best images from your shoot and set up a zoom call to view the great selection of images, and decide which ones you would like to purchase. You can select from a variety of digital image packages, custom albums and folios, and wall art (we will have discussed this in detail already). Once you’ve made your decision, I will then retouch your purchased images and have them ready for you within 2 weeks. Albums, folios and wall art will be delivered within three weeks after retouching.


Frequently asked questions:

WHERE WILL MY SESSION BE HELD?  I am primarily a studio photographer, my studio is in Pioneer Square. Why do I predominantly shoot in a studio? Glad you asked! For one, this is the land of liquid sunshine! But unfortunately I can't light a subject with water. Also, one of the first things I learned as a photographer is that lighting is EVERYTHING. I’m a lighting geek. Sure, natural light can’t be beat when it’s perfect, but many times it’s not perfect, even in the Pacific Northwest. For 80% of my studio shoots I use artificial lighting, the studio is by far the best place to work in this style.  It gives me the best combination of drama, softness and control most of the time. Location work is an option for my fine art and branding clients (additional fees may be incurred). We'll discuss this in our phone consultation. 


• First tip: be yourself!! If you don't usually wear formal clothing, don't. If you tend to wear sporty clothing, then go with that. Wear clothing that fits your style that is clean, nice, and comfortable. Think of how you might dress to go to a special event, date, or a party.  If you like patterns, make sure they are understated and subtle. Textured fabrics are always great. And stay away from graphics and florescent colors! You don’t want the clothing to draw attention away from your face.

• Make sure the clothing you choose fits. If it’s a natural fabric that tends to wrinkle, make sure it’s been steamed and/or ironed.

• Dress in layers. Layers add interest but also allow for removing clothing to diversify the shoot. For individual sessions bring 2 - 3 changes (unless otherwise directed families should only bring one outfit).

• Don't forget - accessories are important too! A great outfit with old, beat up shoes won't look as good (unless it's a headshot of course). Pay attention to how the shoes will match as well as Jewelry, headbands, etc.

• For families & couples: Coordinate/compliment but don't match. Generally you want diversity in colors and patterns, but try to stay in the same family of tones (all earth tones, or all bright colors, etc). For family portraits, if your child can't stand wearing something like a dress or button-down shirt, don't put them in one. Make sure they like what they have on. Mom, choose your outfit first. Choose something you feel amazing in and build the families’ outfits around yours. 

• Ask your photographer for help! Don't be shy.

I’M NOT VERY GOOD AT POSING, CAN I STILL GET A GOOD PORTRAIT? ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ve been at this a long time. If you’re not a natural in front of a lens, don’t worry! I’ll direct you to get the best, most natural and most flattering poses possible. 

HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU BOOKED? I typically book two weeks to three months in advance for my shoots. 

HOW MUCH DOES ALL OF THIS COST? Please contact us to set up a discovery call! 

HOW DO I BOOK A SESSION WITH YOU? I am so glad you asked! See the “contact” tab in the menu above!



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